Today, during the Japanese class, while I was trying to make a sentence to answer to the teacher's question, I forgot the precious and meaningful grammatical particle に (ni). One of my classmates, smartly noticing my mistake, suddenly interrupted my wrong sentence with a loud "Ni !". And of course, the two guys in the room who had ever seen the British Monthy Ponthy's terrific movie immediatly thought of the scaring Ni Knights. And it was hard not to laugh.

Finally, after seeing it again, our ETP expedition looks like the quest of the Monthy Python heroes who enter the Land of Ni, who meet the hostile and/but insane Ni Knights and who are totally lost in nonsense (they are absurd too, of course). Moreover, Ni stands for the first syllab of Nihon, the word for Japan in Japanese. And in Asia, we could also be taken for the ambassadors of christianity. So, for me, the metaphore is valid ! Let's bring them a shrubbery directly.

If you still don't understand what I am referring to, please have fun with the Knights of Ni !


Ni1_sacrée graal


Ni2_sacrée graal