I said goodbye to my friends, one by one because their schedules were deeply incompatibles.
I had cheese, champagne and my Mum cooked my favorite dishes for me.
I enjoyed the weather : an unbelievable sun, with blue sky and fresh air, as if Paris had decided to proove that it can shine, whatever I think.
I checked the weight of my luggage : 29, so I had to bought 10 extra kilos to Air France. Deep communication crisis doesn't seem to have any positive impact on the price to pay for 9 kilos of absolutely essential things.
I saved my recent files on my hardware.
I gave my perfumes to my Mum, my nail-polish to my sister, and my girly notepapers to the neighbour's daughter.
I watched a stupid-but-very-French comedy movie.
I had a moving mail from my Japanese friend who stays in France for her studies.
I wrote the PIN number of my mobile phone that I don't take with me on a little paper I put in the drawer with the battery.
I checked, double-checked, triple-checked that my passport was in my handbag at the right place.
I gave my last euro coins to the guy who played the guitar in the surburb train.
I put my Teddy Bear (who is a rabbit, actually) in the cupboard. And I closed the cupboard.
I said to France that she should not change too much before I come back, or I would be very, very upset towards her.

I am ready to go...