108004090Outdoor portraits

Outdoor portraits are the best way to capture the essence of the wonderful Japanese seasons and landscapes as a background to your beautiful smile! Location can be a Japanese garden as well as the famous Shibuya crossing, depending on your wishes.



Your portraits are sent to your email address as high-def Jpeg files, so you can have it printed by your usual photo print service.

Jpeg files are sent in the following 10 days.



  • - Individual (5 pictures) : 20 000 yen
  • - Couple (5 pictures) : 25 000 yen
    - 3 friends and more (5 pictures) : 7500 yen per person
    - Family (5 pictures) : 30 000 yen



If you wish to get a full beauty make-up before your session, additional fee of 6000 yen will apply.

How can I book a session??

Contact me through the link "Contacter l'auteur" (on the top left corner) to book your session!