Visit to the Gajoen

Meguro Gajoen is a wonderful hotel with exquisite design, a museum inside, and a waterfall included. This summer, it's sparkling with festival lanterns and dragon lights.  

Summer touch



























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Don't trust your eyes

Sometimes typhoon strikes Tokyo and all you can do is staying at home, or trying to make your way to the Museum. This one, located in Odaiba, is the "Trick Art Meikyukan", dedicated to visual illusion in general and trompe l'oeil in particular. The point is to play with the background to get the more realistic picture - and it's not so easy, actually, but very funny.

Big kid playing in the Edo village



Ninja attack !



Japanese ghost stories















And finally, more friendly animals






There's no age to have fun with trick art!

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Read me I'm a celebrity

It seems that Hollywood is the year's leitmotiv. After my initiation in Broadway, the red carpet was calling me. Welcome to the Tussauds Wax Museum in Odaiba, the leisure island located in the Southern area of Tokyo, where you can chill with your favorite movie stars.

The last time I visited a wax celebrities museum, it was the Grevin Museum in Paris, a long long time ago when I was a kid. I don't know if the rules are still the same but at that time, it was forbidden to come close to the statues and to touch them. But at Odaiba's Tussauds, you can hug them, kiss them if you want. More fun and definitely better pictures. Here is a selection of my favs.

The kid inside me is flying high


Hi Audrey, I went to the real Tiffany shop in New-York City just for you


There's nothing like a nice ride with Tom to discover a new city


Gentlemen prefer blonds like my friend Marylin and me


Sharing secrets with Lady Gaga


Beyonce shows me how to dance


Then I'm 13 years old again.


Madonna looks younger than me but anyway.


Taylor Swiftn, the latest of my blond glamour friends


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Stone & The City - Nakameguro Contemporary Sculpture Museum

Tokyo is magic : you think you have seen everything of the city, when suddenly you bump into new hidden treasures. Today, as the weather was not exactly "positive", I had a nice walk through Meguro,the black-eyed ward, until Nakameguro Contemporary Sculpture Museum, the little cousin of the Hakone one I have visited last year. And you know what ? Free entrance, and free hot tea !

Thank you very much to Akemi-san for her warm welcome and to Mr. Suto, artist, with who I had the most delicious conversation.

Access here !

NAKAME museum 18

Stone & the City

NAKAME museum 11

Nakameguro Stonehenge

NAKAME museum 1

NAKAME museum 2

NAKAME museum 3

Chosenin Temple

NAKAME museum 4

Good plan for a future "Night at Museum 3"

NAKAME museum 5

Stone wave surfing

NAKAME museum 8

Steps to the sky

NAKAME museum 6

NAKAME museum 7

Stone pajama party

NAKAME museum 9

NAKAME museum 13

NAKAME museum 14

NAKAME museum 12

NAKAME museum 15

Sales ? Rush Hour ? Looks familiar to me.

NAKAME museum 17

Come and meet my new friends at Nakameguro !

NAKAME museum 16

NAKAME museum 10

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Time travel to older Japan

There is always something new to see around Tokyo. Something new... or ancient ! Thanks to the AFJ's activity program for February, I discovered the "Japan open-air Folk-House Museum" (日本民家園, Nihon Minkaen), in Kawasaki city, gathering no less than 25 old "public houses" (民家, minka) where the Japanese peasants were living together in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. In the past, Japan has experienced an almost-communist period, especially in the countryside, where  the people were living in small communities and working in common lands. This spirit is easy to feel inside the beautiful minka from Tohoku, Kanto, or Kanagawa regions. Here is a glimpse for next week's visitors with the AFJ !

To get there : From Shinjuku station, by Odakyu-Odawara line until Mukougaokayuen station (around 25 minutes). Schedules and entrance fees here. Access map here.


Hara House, the jewel of Kawasaki






Nagano Water Mill


Houses from Nanto



Old Tohoku spirit


A Kabuki stage


Culture and Nature are going well together. Not only the houses, but the surrounding forest was delightful.

Frozen pond



Green and happy



A very moving site to discover asap !


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Chokoku no Mori - Hakone Open Air Museum

Or the Beauty overdose.

OK : I think I have added this place to the list of the places I prefer in the world. It's just amazing. If you have a chance, you really have to go and see Chokoku no Mori Museum, at Hakone, 2h30 by Odakuy lines from Shinjuku station (details below). The perfect destination for a summer week-end. You're not going to regret it, even if, like me, you don't especially fancy contemporary art - there, the way the pieces of art are displayed is so perfect, so beautiful... I really got a shock contemplating these unexpected shapes, especially in the nature, like this... like gods, or fairies... wow. Have a look !

chokokunomori bijutukan 005

So, this is the concept : about 120 works by famous scuptors from all over the world - Japanese, American, Canadian, Italian, French, Hungarian, Argentine... among others, from Rodin to Niki de St Phalle - are hiding in the nature. You just have a stunning walk and enjoy every corner of every bush.

Hakone amazing landscape

chokokunomori bijutukan 172

chokokunomori bijutukan 131

chokokunomori bijutukan 085

chokokunomori bijutukan 113

chokokunomori bijutukan 110

chokokunomori bijutukan 107

chokokunomori bijutukan 180

I had the feeling my eyes were not wide enough for all this beauty, or maybe my brain.

Aesthetic shocks

chokokunomori bijutukan 044

chokokunomori bijutukan 039

chokokunomori bijutukan 168 chokokunomori bijutukan 169

chokokunomori bijutukan 171

chokokunomori bijutukan 200

Nature is female, and so is inspiration, if you trust the many curvy figures of this amazing museum.


chokokunomori bijutukan 024

chokokunomori bijutukan 025

chokokunomori bijutukan 032

chokokunomori bijutukan 051

chokokunomori bijutukan 078

chokokunomori bijutukan 080

chokokunomori bijutukan 081

chokokunomori bijutukan 083

chokokunomori bijutukan 104

chokokunomori bijutukan 109

chokokunomori bijutukan 111

chokokunomori bijutukan 123

chokokunomori bijutukan 126

chokokunomori bijutukan 175

chokokunomori bijutukan 173

chokokunomori bijutukan 132

chokokunomori bijutukan 137

There were also many funny stuff in this park, it was not about being serious all the way long.


chokokunomori bijutukan 016

chokokunomori bijutukan 146

chokokunomori bijutukan 020

chokokunomori bijutukan 154

chokokunomori bijutukan 129

chokokunomori bijutukan 155

chokokunomori bijutukan 105

chokokunomori bijutukan 079

The best play-ground ever, designed by a Canadian artist. But why is it always reserved for the kids ?? Great artists, let us adults have fun too ! Make it more resistant !

chokokunomori bijutukan 091

chokokunomori bijutukan 092

The stars of the Museum

chokokunomori bijutukan 158

Achille Talon et la Main du Serpent

chokokunomori bijutukan 141

At the end you don't know anymore who is here to be watched, and who is the public.

Family visiting

chokokunomori bijutukan 052


chokokunomori bijutukan 138 chokokunomori bijutukan 139

And also Van Gogh.

chokokunomori bijutukan 088

chokokunomori bijutukan 122

Finally, my very favourite parts. The first work is called Symphonic Sculpture (by Gabriel Loire) ; it was a tower you enter in to discover the one of most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Colors, colors, colors - and light. It reminds you the most joyful side of churchs, of faith, of customs and traditions, but at the same time this is something else, this is only pure beauty.

chokokunomori bijutukan 057

chokokunomori bijutukan 060

chokokunomori bijutukan 065

chokokunomori bijutukan 066

The second one gives a radically different atmosphere, but I liked it so much too : a kind of white paradise, between the Japanese stone-gardens and the contemplatio of the sea. As it was in a gallery, the air was a bit cold, and it suited the art works perfectly.

chokokunomori bijutukan 184

chokokunomori bijutukan 186

chokokunomori bijutukan 187

chokokunomori bijutukan 191

chokokunomori bijutukan 193

chokokunomori bijutukan 195

chokokunomori bijutukan 196

You got it, you absolutely have to go an see by yourself if you live in the surroundings of Tokyo. I guess that the Museum changes wonderfully with the seasons, and it's opened 365 days from 09:00 to 17:00. Want to taste a bit of contemporary sculpture in Japan ? Chokoku no mori !


Chukoku no Mori Bijutsukan - Hakone Open-air Museum

Admission : 1600 yen (adult)

Access : Shinjuku JR station > Odakyu Line to Odawara station > Hakone Odakyu Line in the direction of Gora, to Chokoku no mori station (total : about 2h30 by train, 1500 yen)


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Summertime in Paris - Part 6 - Louvre

It's a very old castle full of priceless Italian paintings, Egyptian sculptures, Greek statues and French Kings' ghosts. It's a mythic museum, a touristic spot and a gathering place. There is always a smell of mystery in the air when you enter it and see the pyramid. As if the aliens were invading the old castle.






Louvres_cour_7 Louvres_cour_6


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Walk at Nezu Museum

Tokyo is full of confidential resources... At the end of Omotesando, behind Prada, there is a an oasis called Nezu Museum. Not only you can enjoy artworks and exhibitions there, not only you can have a nice bowl of macha but you can also have the most restful, peaceful walk after your frantic Harajuku shopping... Judge by yourself.




Nezu_Museum_14 Nezu_Museum_15





Nezu_Museum_17 Nezu_Museum_19


Nezu_Museum_1 Nezu_Museum_16

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